Friday, December 08, 2006

R&B Ballads - #2


Uncle Sam - I Don't Ever Want To See You Again


Listen to me baby
I gave you everything
My love and my ring
And you violated me
And I don't want to see you again

Woo-hoo!: Unlike our previous emotional song, Uncle Sam goes completely away from "love" in this song. He goes through a range of emotions (shock and hurt to anger and acceptance), but the transitions are very well done. This is a longer song (clocking in at just under 6 minutes) but it's filled to the brim. Can't forget to mention a deep-voiced guy telling the woman in question his deepest thoughts.

Not much to critique. It really is a complete song.

The Deal:
Uncle Sam - we hardly knew ya. I wonder if he ever thought of writing Part II, "OK, I Want to See You Again".