Thursday, December 30, 2004

R&B Ballads - #9


Parlé - I'm a Ruff Ryder


All the days that she's cried, but never once did I ever see the pain in her eyes

Woo-hoo!: These guys (yes, they're a group) sing really well. As you may have guessed, they're Ruff Ryders which immediately gives them points in my book. I think an excerpt from this site says it best:
As the pitbulls of R&B, their sound is sharp, compact and deadly to the ears
of listeners who are looking for a certain mellow edge. With their distinctive
voices, AG brings the Soul of Al Green, Dee brings the smoothness of Smokey
Robinson, and Twan brings the gritty like Bobby Brown or a male version of Mary
J. Blige. With more sound and energy than any R&B trio out there, Parle' is
filled with soul.

D'oh!: First O-Town and now Parlé? Those are probably 2 groups you wouldn't have thought would be on this list. I have to take some points off for the title. This song did come off the Ruff Ryders compilation album (Ryde or Die Vol. 1) so there's no need to tell us (not only in the title, but in the chorus as well) that you are a Ruff Ryder. We kinda figured.

The Deal: I swear, I knew these guys were going to be the next 112. I mean, there was no doubt in my mind. So what happened? No clue. I'm pretty sure I've ever heard another song from them. No wait, I think they had a song on Vol. 2 as well. But anyway, this just goes to prove that even I can be wrong about some things.


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