Tuesday, December 14, 2004

R&B Ballads - #10


O-Town - All or Nothing


Don't make me promises, baby, you never did know how to keep them well

Woo-hoo!: Smooth stuff here from, gulp, O-Town. They don't just jump right into the song. Instead, they start off nice and slow with just a piano and one guy singing. Then they slowly build from there. That's good advice for anything you're doing in life: get a base first and then build off that. Even the chorus here is well-rounded with a full flavor.

D'oh!: O-Town?!?! Yeah, I'm just as shocked as you. It's like that time the Florida Marlins won the World Series (the first time; they beat the Yankees the 2nd time, so I can't complain). But what can I say, it was a good song. What kept it from being better? Well, being a boy band doesn't help of course. Not that there's anything wrong with that. BUT, you can just hear it in the song. It seems too manufactured. Perhaps they were just trying too hard.

The Deal: Does this signal a coming of a new age? One where boy bands dominate the top 10 and true artists are left to contemplate where it all went so wrong? Stay tuned...


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