Saturday, January 15, 2005

R&B Ballads - #7


D'Angelo - Lady


I swear you're the talk of the town
And everybody wants to know what's going down

Woo-hoo!: We must have some hot songs in the top six if this one is pushed back all the way to number seven. This is a great song for a number of reasons. D'Angelo allows the music to come through by not singing all that much. But when he does sing, he goes straight to the meat and tells the story. And what's that in the background? Clapping? Hey, I can do that too!

D'oh!: If curiosity killed the cat, what did repetition do? Must've killed the mountain lion. The chorus is "You're my lady" repeated four times. Come on now, D! I know you're better than that. He makes up for it by singing it differently everytime, so that saves him. I also wish he would enunciate better. It takes a couple of listenings to make sure you know what he's saying. Finally, although he does go straight to the story, there isn't much to tell. I could sum up this song in a short sentence: She's his lady and he wants the world to know.

The Deal: When I say I loved this song, I'm not joking. It was easily in my top five favorite songs (possibly top three) for a very long time. And now look at it. Number seven in a list of songs from a very particular genre. But, it's still a great song.


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