Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dream - 6/1

I'm funny when I'm half asleep:

As Kate and I were falling into a deep sleep, I dreamed I was in water and a small fish or two got into the back of my shorts and/or the back of my shirt. Kate says I started to moan/whimper.

Kate: Derek
Derek: Kate
Kate: What's going on?
Derek: I gotta get these fish off my back

I wanted to get the fish out so at this point I stood up (semi-awake) and re-adjusted my shirt and shorts. As I was doing this..

Kate: What's wrong?
Derek: I gotta get these fish off my back.
Kate: I don't understand.
Derek: You wouldn't.

I've got a bad attitude because I'm half-asleep and tired and grumpy and trying to get these damn fish off of me.

Kate says I then went to the bathroom, but I don't really remember that.

I think this dream was caused by a spider that we found in Ollie's bed close to my behind.


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